CAITLIN – Are our social constructs of technology hurting us?

Pre-dated conceptions from the industrial revolution about the association that advancements in technology are positive and lead to economic gain have become embedded in society (Stein, 2015). This fixed mindset means people are less likely to question their interaction with technology and the possible negative impacts of these on individuals, businesses and communities. This is […]

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CAITLIN – Changing the Moderniser

With the industrial revolution the door was opened to a knew type of technological world. This advertised a life of comforts and knew possibilities for technology. In the 20th Century the push to fine-tune and accelerate technology to fit comforts of the modern person has spiraled into today’s excessive consumption. With our minds still set […]

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Anna: Interview

General practitioner Dr. John Carmody shared his viewpoints on the future of technology in western medicine. Commenting on how quickly technology moves in comparison to how slowly practice’s in western medicine change. Dr. Carmody explained how technology has changed so much in the past five to ten years, which makes it so complex to predict […]

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The Social Effect

The social effects, which have come with the new age of technology, are having negative effects on mental health In our group we looked at the human mental health issues due to an increased reliance on technology. We decided to take a two-sided approach and look at the positive and negative effects technologies have brought […]

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SAM #1 – The Anthropocene

The Anthropocene Although containing many definitions was coined in the year 2000 and manifested “The Great Acceleration” in human activity. It is defined as a proposed epoch that begins when human activities and behaviour begin to have a significant global impact on Earth’s ecosystems. (Week 1 Lecture, 2015) It is also important to question what […]

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