With the industrial revolution the door was opened to a knew type of technological world. This advertised a life of comforts and knew possibilities for technology. In the 20th Century the push to fine-tune and accelerate technology to fit comforts of the modern person has spiraled into today’s excessive consumption. With our minds still set […]


James – Big Data

Pre 1993 we have changed the way we find: Finding Jobs Shopping Find love Health Connecting with Friends Investing money To Find Customers for company The list could go on forever, the internet is the main driver for big data as it connects all sources of information and collates them in one easy accessible place. […]

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Human Technology Interactions: Internet Addicts Anonymous? (Olivia)

How can we discern the difference between internet addiction and ‘healthy’ internet use? After all, as students we constantly use the internet for research, email, news and socialising. It becomes problematic when it affects our mental and physical wellbeing, interferes with our relationships, academic or financial situation. Is Internet addiction even real? I found that there is an […]

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SAM – The Anthropocene / Technology

The Anthropocene / Technology Although containing many definitions, “The Anthropocene is a term widely used since its coining by Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer in 2000 to denote the present time interval, in which many geologically significant conditions and processes are profoundly altered by human activities”. (Lecture 3, Week 3) The Anthropocene was coined in […]

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Big Data – Olivia

In Raley’s ‘Dataveillance and countervailance,’ data is described as ‘flecks of identity.’ paranoia. Genuine anonymity is almost impossible, the distinctions between private and public are almost blurred. How data can reveal more about ourselves, than how we present ourselves. Is our data more ‘real’ than we are? Using this information to predict what we would search. Recently, music […]

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